About The Mill

The Mill was built circa 1774 and provides an enchanting showcase for EmBark's design, space planning and furnishings. Originally a water powered grist mill, the stone building also served as a hemp, flour and saw mill from 1774 through 1899. Situated on a creek referred to as Kauffman's Run in Lancaster, County PA, the three story mill was built by George Kneisley. According to Pennsylvania Historic Preservation records, the mill was noted for the strength of its water power, derived from a nearby spring. In the nineteenth century, the mill was owned and operated by the Nolt family.  Described as being vacant and "decayed" in 1969, the former mill was adapted to become a residence in the mid-1970s. Following a fire in 2011, the inside of the Mill was completely renovated while keeping many of the original window sills, beams and outside walls intact. It was during this period that many of the EmBark concepts of space design and planning came to fruition. You could say we were "mill-inspired".