Meet Eric

Degreed In Art Design at Duke University. Taught by long time Industrial Arts Teacher, friend and Dad, Don Esbenshade. Raised among traditional Lancaster County barns, craftsmen and auctions. All influences that conspire to create Eric's unique design and build style. Sleek. Functional. Artistic.

Eric's talents include space planning, custom designed interior and exterior furnishings and stylish built ins. Many of the products offered through his business, EmBark, sprung from a need.  Like to retrofit a tight bedroom space to maximize space and storage, to create an appealing privacy barrier in a breezeway or to modernize a legacy piece as a home furnishing.  

Eric's ability to conceptualize and build artistic and functional furnishings, based on solid design principles, are at the core of the business. His unique design and build capabilities can reignite a hobby (potting sheds or wood shops), transform a misguided but treasured piece or expand the breadth of an underutilized area. 

As you tour the site, consider the call outs that detail the functionality, design elements and philosophies that drive Eric’s passion to create inspirational life spaces and furnishings for your home.