Our Story

EmBark operates out of an historic mill, encompassing a well equipped workshop and creekside setting. Both are ideal for creating artistic wood furnishings. Situated in the midst of a residential neighborhood, it takes some imagination to maintain the old world, tranquil feel of the 18th century mill. Additionally, the unconventional configuration of rooms makes placement of furniture a challenge. So while it is said that "necessity is the mother of invention", in this case,"history is the father of artistic functionality" (see more under About the Mill).   

For example, we were able to create a friendly, non-intrusive privacy barrier while fulfilling a passion for morning gardening by building a raised herb bed to our breezeway. Adding an “artfully” carved wooden gate delighted neighbors rather than alienated them. 

And as childhood tree required removal years ago, it morphed into another life as a beautiful natural edge table for our home for family and friends to gather for meals. It becomes part of the conversation and adds a whimsical touch to the mill. If you have a wood piece or uninspired furnishing that is meaningful to you, let’s discuss ways to make it fit into your life.

You’ll see sample vignettes as your move through the site. We hope they will ignite your imagination about ideas for your home. Contact us at 717.459.3850 to discuss how we can transform spaces and create furnishings to match your lifestyle.